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Intuitive Reading

  • Are you looking for advice on a particular situation?
  • Do you feel unsure about which step to take next in your life?
  • Would you like to gain clarity on a matter close to your heart?
  • Do you feel stuck or trapped or undecided and wish to move forward?
  • Have you got a burning question to ask the universe?

Then my Intuitive Reading Session is for you.

This offering is aiming to provide you with clarity on the past and present to guide your next steps. Setting an intention for this session might broaden the results from it for you if you can let go of any expectations at the same time.

Without fortune telling or giving you predictions, I tune in to the energy of a current situation or area of your life to provide you with insight and direction. For that purpose, I intuitively choose a card deck that most suits your vision quest.

Each Intuitive Reading Session will be recorded and will be available as a download afterwards. Often you only hear what you are available for at the time. The recording will give you the opportunity to listen back in at a later time when you might be available to hear more. This way your session will keep on giving even in the future.

*For the very rare occasion of a technical issue, we do encourage you to also take a recording of your sessions on your end.


1 Intuitive Reading Session of approx. 30 minutes ~ £30

1 Intuitive Reading Intensive Session of approx. 60 minutes ~ £50

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