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Laughter Facilitation for Events

If you are on the lookout for something special and different as part of a birthday party, anniversary celebration, hen party, corporate team building event, festival, school event or any other group event – this might just be the thing for you.

I offer sessions to tickle the funny bones and increase the laughter quotient on any occasion. Tailored to you and your audience and delivered with enthusiasm and gusto, it will contribute delightfully to the overall success of your event and be remembered well.

Laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to eliminating the effects of all kinds of stress in our lives. This offer will help you commit to joy, so that you can continue to use laughter and its many health benefits to improve your wellbeing on a daily basis going forward. Laughter is contagious and we’ll takes full advantage of that as you laugh with your peers.

Although Laughter Yoga won’t uncover any deep seated related issues like most of my other offers, you will notice and experience the inherent connection between body and mind first hand while rediscovering your playful side; and you’ll never want to miss it again!

Booking a package of 6 sessions has the wonderful advantage of practicing laughter as a lifestyle throughout our time together as well as creating new joyful and lasting habits in your everyday life consistently. Please ask me for details.

1 Private/Corporate Laughter Session of approx. 50 minutes ~ £125 or £10 per person if more than 12 people, tailored offers available upon request

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