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Reclaim Your Joy

Get to know yourself much better, so that you feel more confident and able to open up to and own your highest potential

Finally put a check on your health and get the tools you need to feel empowered and in control each day while staying on track with ease

Create more flexibility in your life, so that a sudden change no longer knocks you off course or stops you in your tracks

Begin to feel at peace with where you are at, so that you can use the energy you spent on feeling frustrated on achieving what you want

Open up to the idea of life supporting you, so that you can rest assured that what you wish for is already on its way to you

Learn to hear and trust your intuition, so that you can follow it without hesitation or doubts in the knowing that it’s always on your side

Feel more lighthearted with a spring in your step and ready to face anything life throws at you

Focus on and nurture the positive in your life, so that it grows and expands into the vision you hold for yourself

If you lie awake at night thinking about your awesome life way back when you had tons of energy…

But – you’re feeling worn out, depleted, and frankly fed up with your daily routine that no longer seems to give you any joy at all. If your health doesn’t allow you to do everything you used to do, if you are tormenting yourself with self-doubt, and can’t even remember the last time you enjoyed a good ‘belly’ laugh – then, this programme is for you!

Reclaim Your Joy  is a transformational immersion into the secrets of your mind, body and soul. It’s designed to help you break through the pattern of overwhelm and exhaustion, and to guide you back to a balanced life filled with joy and energy in just 2 months.

It’s my Signature Programme to help you uncover the joy that lives within you ~ always has and always will be. If you are actively seeking to invite more joy and fun into your life, it will most likely be buried under an accumulation of pain, fear, shame, grief, self-doubt, baggage, or energetic blocks. That’s what I’ll be supporting you with.

Because our individual journeys are very unique, I haven’t yet come across one way that fits all in my approach. So, I feel privileged to offer you being fully present with and holding space for YOU, so that you can go as deep as necessary and as far as is just right for you to move through your limitations, and emerge as an empowered new version of yourself in 9 short weeks.

Dear Joy Seeker,

I know you are passionate and want to make a heartfelt difference in the world by living purposefully and serving others…

You’ve been working really hard wanting to make that impact but were stopped in your tracks when your body put a spanner in the works and made you realise that you can’t carry on the way you have been.

You crave to have the energy back that you once had, you don’t understand what has happened to you and you fear that this is what it will be from here on in – you just have to learn to live with it, or at least that’s what everyone seems to say.

You wish you could do what you love, feeling fulfilled and acknowledged while sharing your gifts. But – you feel disconnected from the world around you, and the direction you’re headed in feels like a dead end to you.

Your body is telling you that you have reached your limit and you have nobody to talk to who understands (apart from your therapist), but you still have hope, you just don’t know where to start to rebuild your life…

IN SHORT:  You want nothing more than to stop the downward spiral of your health and finally feel better while rekindling a spark of joy and lightheartedness in your life. You want to get your energy back, so that you can be yourself again and be of service to others in a powerful and meaningful way.

You desire...

  • A life that makes you feel alive and healthy
  • Having more energy and motivation to live your life to the fullest
  • A clear mind and increased concentration span
  • Knowing where you went wrong
  • Having down time without feeling useless
  • Feeling calm and in control again
  • Being of service to others without losing sight of your own needs
  • And most of all: A new direction for your life that you are excited about

The Problem is:

You’ve been trying very hard to do it ALL and are feeling like a failure, and now your body is showing signs of chronic exhaustion!

Maybe you:

  • Are just going through the motions as it’s the only way you can cope when everything seems too much?
  • Find it really hard to get up in the morning not having much to look forward to?
  • Feel worried or depressed about your future?
  • Have forgotten how to enjoy yourself or feel you have no right to without achieving your goals first and getting back on track?
  • Feel frustrated and impatient with yourself and your body?
  • Struggle to put yourself first in your priorities?
  • Can’t see a graceful way out of the hole you find yourself in?

If you feel anxious, isolated, and clueless about how to improve your life and wellness without creating more stress on your body and mind, it’s time for a radical change.

Are you ready to RECLAIM YOUR JOY?

Now, take a deep breath...

  • You aren’t making your symptoms up
  • You can stop worrying about your future and quit beating yourself up for not being where you want to be right now…


I’m here to show you a loving and graceful way to get you back on track.

I know exactly how you feel right now because I’ve been there…

In my professional career I experienced first-hand what it means to be burned out. In fact, I went through it three times, each time wondering what had happened.

The truth is, even with my background in Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Energy Work, I didn’t know:

  • where to start to help myself to feel alive and confident again
  • how to properly support my body to get back to wellness
  • how to change my habits to avoid it happening again.

I went from full on to utterly depleted and was in doubt whether I would ever feel ‘normal’ again.

Yet, here I am – stronger, healthier, more confident, and full of joy after many trials and tribulations on my way to get where I am today.

I have created this programme with you in mind because I know how much I would have cherished someone to guide me through the deep and muddy places, the uncertainty and the confusion along the way.

As you might have guessed by now, there are no quick fixes on this journey! Old habits need to be shed and new ones put in place in order to turn your life around. But believe me, the results will be more than worth it!

I want you to...

  • enjoy feeling in control of your health and wellbeing!
  • get out of bed each day looking forward to what you’ve created!
  • feel the difference in ALL areas of your life as your confidence, energy and joy grow each day!

Once you start taking the right steps, one step at a time, you’ll notice how your body starts to recover in just a few short weeks.

You’ll gain deep insights into how you tick and why things have unfolded in the way they did, as well as learning new modalities and resources to help you get out of the rut now, and be in control if the going gets tough again in the future.

You’ll leave with practical tools to look after yourself on a whole new level, become your own best fan cheering yourself on to new heights and leave the inner critic behind for good.

There might be other programmes out there to help you activate your body’s innate healing power, but none of them have quite the same lightheartedness to them. Learning to use laughter and its profound ability to transform all kinds of stress into pure joy has a much deeper ripple effect on all areas of your life and will enhance your life from here on in.

All it takes is an inspired decision to take your life into your own hands and turn it around.

You’ll feel better without doing more.

You’ll start enjoying life again.

You’ll remember your passion and be able to work towards it again.

You’ll be stronger knowing yourself a whole lot better than ever before.

And you’ll be making the impact that you are meant to in the world.

My promise to you:

In our 2 months together, you’ll receive more than a step by step guide to health. You’ll experience a profound shift in your consciousness and a new awareness of what is possible for you.

You’ll leave not only feeling so much better in your body, but understanding what it is that YOU need, to feel nourished, balanced and resourced in the future. You’ll have a spring back in your step and a smile on your face knowing that you are creating a life that fulfils you.

My clients work with me because of my uplifting energy – it’s life changing! I manifest ease, joy, and lightheartedness all around me, as I inspire and empower women to open up and begin to look after themselves in new and playful ways.

Client Testimonials

Katja has a unique gift like nothing I have ever experienced before. Her warm and loving presence exudes an incredible power and gentleness that allows for a deep level of healing, clarity, and renewed inspiration to occur in every session. Through my work with her, I have stepped into a greater level of trust, peace, and alignment within myself, which has empowered me to expand into the courage, confidence, and self-expression that I have been seeking for so long.

Salona from Connecticut, USA | www.salonacarlisle.com

Katja is a gifted healer, seer, and intuitive. She holds a powerful yet compassionate healing space. I always know I am being held in loving arms of safety when we work together. As she guides me through my shadows and into my light there is a level of trust I have working with Katja that is both rare to find and such a gift.

Karen from San Diego, USA | www.karengoldsteinhealer.com

Katja has a wonderful gift to empathise with me and my topics. In our sessions, she supports me in reaching my goals in a loving and humorous way. I very much appreciate her presence, her commitment and her systematic approach. In each of our sessions I have been able to tackle my topics, released blocks and achieved substantial transformation while embracing my power and my truth more deeply. Katja also inspires me to deepen the process on my own. I am sincerely grateful to her!

Sabine from Frankfurt, Germany

Katja has a unique gift like nothing I have ever experienced before. Her warm and loving presence exudes an incredible power and gentleness that allows for a deep level of healing, clarity, and renewed inspiration to occur in every session. Through my work with her, I have stepped into a greater level of trust, peace, and alignment within myself, which has empowered me to expand into the courage, confidence, and self-expression that I have been seeking for so long.

Salona from Connecticut, USA | www.salonacarlisle.com

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Your most important take-aways will be:


You’ll learn to leave the constant bickering at yourself behind once and for all and master being kind to yourself, making YOU your #1 priority. Transform your old limiting beliefs, dissolve the fears, shame, guilt and excuses and finally get comfortable with allowing all things to be exactly as they are!


Laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to eliminating the effects of all kinds of stress in our lives. You’ll learn how to use laughter, creativity and play, and their many health benefits, to improve your wellbeing. Reconnect with your cheeky and playful side; and you’ll never want to miss it again!


In this fast-paced world we often struggle when it comes to allowing ourselves to relax. Yet, it is a vital part of creating the much-needed balance in our life. Learn techniques to calm your nervous system in any situation and develop new health-supporting strategies that are a fit for you and ready to be implemented for the long-term!


The key to lasting vitality is your body’s personal message for you which we’ll uncover throughout the programme. Understanding your body, its limitations and its needs will put you firmly back into the driver’s seat of your life. Up-level with my practical ways to feel more energised AND calm!


Move forward in your life by discovering your unique gifts, finding your mojo, creating a plan to fully walk in your purpose and beginning to own your true potential. Develop the confidence and attract the support you need to put your unique purpose and potential into joyful, yet resolute action steps!


One of the things we stop doing when there’s no energy left is socialising. Yet without connecting to the people around us we soon feel isolated. So, it’s time to meet other women in similar situations as part of this programme to feel the value of knowing that you’re not alone and create genuine connections that might turn into long-lasting friendships!

And so much more…

In two short months with me, you’ll get:


  • Weekly coaching sessions created around your specific needs to help you move forward and keep you in momentum at your own speed
  • Including uniquely designed workbooks and support materials to help you transform your life as well as a recording of each session


  • Weekly laughter calls to support you in creating your joy from the inside out through movement, breath, laughter and play
  • Including exercises to incorporate in your daily routines to create your joyful lifestyle


  • I’ll be holding space for you with support and motivational messages within a private Facebook group giving you the option to connect with women who ‘get’ you
  • Including full email support for 2 months and a Q&A session to get personalised answers to your questions


  • Exclusive access to materials to help you evaluate your life in detail and make better choices for yourself
  • Exclusive access to the following bonus features:

BONUS #1: Remote Energy Healing Sessions worth £90

Through my intention I will transmit universal energy to you which is known to dissolve conscious and unconscious energetic blocks taking you to a place of deep physical and mental relaxation. Sometimes it even allows some deep-seated emotions to surface, ready to be released without judgement. The universal energy can be received seated or lying down. Often it is experienced as warmth and has a refreshing and balancing effect on you, your mind and your body. Leave all your worries behind and open up to recharge your batteries in these sessions.

BONUS #2: Balance Your Mind with Essential Oils worth £33

Essential Oils have been used for ailments by many cultures around the world for centuries. They are known for their uplifting properties and are therefore the ideal companions in your recovery journey. You will receive tailored support in finding the oils that work best for you and learn how to use them to your advantage. Let me show you how to fall in love with these fabulous helpers.

BONUS #3: Healthy Mind through Healthy Gut worth £33

Put simply, nearly everything about our health — how we feel both physically and emotionally — can hinge on the state of our intestinal organisms. Your gut affects your mood, your libido, and even your perceptions of the world and the clarity of your thoughts. A dysfunctional gut could be at the root of your headaches, anxiety, inability to concentrate, or even negative outlook on life. You’ll be receiving this essential session as part of the programme.

BONUS #4: Systems to Declutter Your World worth £33

As we review and transform your inner world, you’ll be wanting to make changes on the outside too. You’ll be receiving guidance on how to do this sustainably and without the drama that you might usually associate with tackling clutter in your life. It’s another perfect addition to your journey to wellness.

Imagine living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life and doing what you love while impacting the world with your energetic and joyful presence.

Your new life is waiting for you if:

  • You want nothing more than to be in control of your life again
  • You are willing to do what it takes to help your body and mind heal
  • You want to confront your fears but don’t know where to start
  • You’ve come to understand that your thoughts and actions have a great impact on your wellness

This programme is NOT for you if:

  • You have given up on ever feeling better again and believe that nobody understands what you are going through
  • You only trust your doctor when it comes to your health and wellness and have no belief in your own intuition
  • You feel too exhausted and don’t see the point in making any changes in your life
  • You know best what’s right for you and want to figure it all out by yourself

You can keep going through the motions on your own and…

  • Continue beating yourself up
  • Feel alone, depressed and worried about your future
  • Keep feeling tired and depleted for some time

Or you can put an end to your struggles and join my programme where I’ll guide you into restoring your energy, creating a balanced life filled with joy from the inside out and feeling excited about what lies ahead for you once more.

Have you got any questions?

Find your answers below…

Who is this programme for?

It’s for women on the brink of burnout – physically, mentally and spiritually.

What happens after you apply?

Reclaim Your Joy is a programme for women who are committed to their health and wellbeing, so they can live their life to the fullest. This is why it’s by application only.

Click below to book your private Breakthrough Call with me.

Book Now

How does this programme stand out?

I’m giving you my all and my undivided attention. I’ve put together everything I’ve learned over many years of trial and error, including every course I’ve taken, every book I’ve read as well as all of my personal and professional experiences as a coach and healer. I know all of these combined will make a big difference for you. I’ll cover Mindset, Relaxation, Nutrition, Boundaries and much more. In addition, you get some really good belly laughs in great company along the way.

How can I invest in myself if I don’t earn any money right now?

If you’re honest you’ll admit that you won’t be making any money as long as your energy is down, and even if you feel better again there’s always the risk of a relapse. You need someone who’s done it all before. So, I’m here to motivate you, guide you and support you through these tough times and you’ll be making money again very soon while being prepared for and avoiding the pitfalls of ever being this low again in the future.

I’m worried that I won’t have enough energy for some sessions, is the schedule flexible?

Absolutely! I know that your energy levels can fluctuate greatly from day to day. So, we will work out a schedule that works best for you.

I’m struggling with every-day tasks. Will this programme help someone like me?

This programme is MADE for you. If you’re struggling I promise you that Reclaim Your Joy will boost your energy levels, so that you can do all the tasks you need and want to do.

I’m ready to start, Katja. Just one more question: How do I pay?

Easy! I use PayPal to process payments.

I have more questions!

No problem, I am happy to help. If you have any additional questions just submit them here: aurora@katjavincent.com

Please note: My services are meant for your personal development and the conscious creation of your life. They do not replace a visit to the doctor or any other therapeutic treatment.

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