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Elise-Mila-Energy Healing

  • Are you going through a time of intense emotional stress?
  • Do you feel anxious or fearful and need some assistance?
  • Would you like to feel more balanced and grounded?
  • Are you in need of a refill of live force energy?
  • Would you like to attune your body to a new meridian system linked to the vibration of New Earth?

The ELISE energy is the essential life energy absorbed by your soul at the beginning of your incarnation, also referred to as “prenatal chi” in Chinese medicine (whereas Reiki is referred to as “postnatal chi”).

Up until 2007, the Elise energy could not be replenished, which meant that when it was exhausted, your life was over. This has now changed and Elise can be refilled via the blueprint in your light body or via a healing channel activated by Angel Nathaniel, like me.

The Elise energy, which is essential to both the body and soul, is used up as you live your life, especially in times of intense emotions such as fear or grief, shock experiences, panic attacks, severe or long illness, exhaustion or depression. Elise builds a bridge between body awareness and soul which might explain the numerous positive changes that result from contact with this form of energy, in particular during pregnancy for mother and child, for babies to arrive better equipped in life after birth.

Furthermore, it reactivates the axial meridian system with the help of the MILA Impulse Technique which optimally attunes the physical body to absorb the Elise energy in the best way possible. In this treatment, impulses are set in the meridian system to strengthen the heart meridian and establish a new meridian system in your body that corresponds to the current vibration on Earth. As a result, you will feel very grounded while your cells will feel renewed and rejuvenated.

In order to prepare your system for refilling Elise energy on its own and permanently supplying you with this vital life energy, a series of treatments of 9 times at an interval of no more than 2 weeks between the individual sessions is recommended. Of course, this is not a must and even a single treatment can make a big difference.

I offer an Elise-Mila-Energy Healing Session on its own or a combined session where I use different modalities together upon request to suit your needs.


1 Elise-Mila-Energy Healing Session – duration approx. 35 minutes – cost £45

Elise-Mila-Energy Healing Package consisting of 9 sessions of approx. 35 minutes each – cost £360 (1x free)

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