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Energetic Realignment

  • Do you feel thrown off the track, overwhelmed or out of balance?
  • Are you caught in an unhealthy pattern or seem to experience similar situations over and over?
  • Do you have fears or doubts and are unclear about which direction to take next in your life?
  • Would you like to clear any resistance or blocks in order to reach your next personal level of consciousness?
  • Do you know what is holding you back, but don’t know how to get yourself back in flow?
  • Have you got a burning question for your spiritual guides or would you like to connect with your animal guides?

Then you will benefit from my Energetic Realignment Session.

Together we will look at the areas of your life that need attention and connect with your higher self, your spiritual guides, your ancestors, the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms or the elements fire, earth, water and air to gain insights, tips and solutions for you to navigate your situation with ease and grace.

You have the choice of either leaning back and relaxing while I find answers to your questions through a vision quest journey and help you transform the stumbling blocks that keep you stuck, or joining me consciously on a deep dive to your own truth which will allow you to influence directly where the journey goes.

This session’s distinct interlinking and grounding character is a portal to deep inner healing in the form of transformation and balance in many and varied ways. It combines the modalities I’ve practiced for many years like Shamanic Healing, Energy Work including Inner Child and Shadow Work, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), THEKI Theta Healing as well as Laughter Coaching in an intuitive and very individual manner ~ taylored to YOU! Often colours, visions or physical sensations accompany the process. We will amplify your experiences along the way, so as to provide you with clarity, thirst for action and vital momentum for your next milestones.

My Energetic Realignment Session is profound and often sends ripples out into your whole life far beyond your imagination. How would you like to live a life that is free of the limitations you and others have put on yourself?

Each Energetic Realignment Session will be recorded and will be available as a download afterwards. Often you only hear what you are available for at the time. The recording will give you the opportunity to listen back in at a later time when you might be available to hear more. This way your session will keep on giving even in the future.

*For the very rare occasion of a technical issue, we do encourage you to also take a recording of your sessions on your end.


1 Energetic Realignment Session of approx. 50 minutes ~ £90

1 Energetic Realignment Intensive Session of approx. 80 minutes ~ £144

Energetic Realignment Package consisting of 3 sessions of approx. 50 minutes each ~ £225 (1/2 x free)

Energetic Realignment Intensive Package consisting of 3 sessions of approx. 80 minutes each ~ £360 (1/2 x free)


In addition, I offer Space Clearing Rituals  to cleanse and clear any stuck or negative energy in your living spaces or work environment. These can be done in person or remotely too as I’m working with the energies. I like to use incense or essential oils to support this work. Please email me your requirements if this is something you consider.

1 Space Clearing Ritual of approx. 25 minutes ~ £33

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