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Healing Laughter Infusion

Laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to eliminating the effects of all kinds of stress in our lives. This offer will help you commit to joy and practice it as a lifestyle throughout our time together, so that you can continue to use laughter and its many health benefits to improve your wellbeing on a daily basis going forward.

“Life changes very quickly in a very positive way, if you let it.” ~ Lyndsey Vonn ~

Laughter is contagious and we’ll takes full advantage of that as you get to know and laugh with me. Although this session won’t uncover any deep seated related issues like most of my other offerings, you will notice and experience the inherent connection between body and mind first hand while rediscovering your playful side; and you’ll never want to miss it again!

You’re Going To Experience:

  • Laughter & Play:  Explore what tickles your funny bones and learn how to turn seriousness and pressure into laughter and play at will and with ease while boosting your energy and enjoying yourself
  • Present Moment Awareness:  Clear your mind, get out of your head and calm your nervous system while reconnecting with your unique sense of joy
  • Relaxation:  Release deep seated tension and practice mindfulness while becoming more resilient and flexible in both, body and mind
  • Lightheartedness:  Learn to embody lightheartedness, improve your motivation and immune response as well as profoundly adapting your perception of the world

BOOK MY 1-2-1 “HAPPY HOUR”:  In one 40-minute Healing Laughter Infusion session I will guide you to reconnect with your sense of joy through playful laughter exercises tailored to you, deep breathing and light body movement full of fun. Booking the package has the wonderful advantage of creating new joyful and lasting habits in your everyday life.


1 Healing Laughter Infusion Session of approx. 40 minutes ~ £24

Healing Laughter Infusion Package consisting of 6 sessions of approx. 40 minutes each ~ £120 (1x free)

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