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Reiki Healing

  • Would you like to recharge your batteries or ignite your body’s innate healing mechanisms?
  • Do you feel stressed and worn out and long for peace and quiet with a dash of relaxation?
  • Would you like to bring your chakras into balance or strengthen your life-force energy?
  • Do you need time for Yourself?
  • Would you like to let go of something, or simply give yourself a treat?

Then you will love my Reiki Healing Sessions.

In a session I transmit universal energy to you through my hands which is often experienced as warmth and has a refreshing and balancing effect on you, your mind, your body and your chakras.

The universal energy can be received through your clothes either seated or lying down and there is no need for direct touch unless requested.

Reiki energy is known to dissolve conscious and unconscious energetic blocks while taking you to a place of deep physical and mental relaxation. Sometimes it may bring some deep seated emotions to the surface, so they can be released without judgement.

If you believe it or not, even this offer can be received remotely. So, leave all your cares behind and open up to refuel your batteries wherever you wish.

Upon request I can share any visions and insights I receive for you during your sessions.


1 Reiki Healing Session of approx. 25 minutes ~ £25

1 Reiki Healing Intensive Session of approx. 50 minutes ~ £45

1 Reiki Healing Ultimate Session of approx. 75 minutes ~ £65

Reiki Healing Package consisting of 6 sessions of approx. 25 minutes each ~ £125 (1x free)

Reiki Healing Intensive Package consisting of 6 sessions of approx. 50 minutes each ~ £225 (1x free)

Reiki Healing Ultimate Package consisting of 6 sessions of approx. 75 minutes each ~ £325 (1x free)

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