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Healing Laughter Infusion

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Katja Aurora is an international Intuitive Healer & Laughter Coach supporting women who feel worn out and heavy-hearted, who have no energy and very little to enjoy in their life, towards rediscovering their life’s purpose, breaking new ground with ease and grace and reigniting their inner spark of joy. She finds that the most powerful element to reconnect her clients with their wholeness and JOY – the foundation of true bliss – is hearty Laughter.

Every Monday

Sep 2nd to Nov 4th 2019

12pm PST  |  3pm EST  |  8pm GMT

“Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing!”
~ Jarod Kintz ~

You're Going To Experience:

  • Laughter & Play: Explore deeply what tickles your funny bones and learn how to turn seriousness and pressure into laughter and play at will and with ease
  • Present Moment Awareness: Clear your mind, get out of your head and calm your nervous system on a weekly basis while reconnecting with your unique sense of joy as a way of life
  • Relaxation: Release deep seated tension and practice mindfulness while becoming more resilient and flexible in both, body and mind
  • Lightheartedness: Learn to embody lightheartedness, improve your motivation and energy levels and change your perception of the world profoundly
  • Connection: Feel part of a loving community of like-minded women while cultivating a strong connection with yourself to reveal your inherent vitality and happiness

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