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Hi, my name is
Katja Vincent
also known as
Katja Aurora.

My work is done when you have found that spark inside of you that reconnects you with your joy, inspires you to create from your heart and gives you the courage to reach for your dreams. I’m here to lift you up when you feel down and remind you that there is always a way, no matter what your circumstances. I will help you experience that you are never alone, but deeply connected and supported by the universe and all of life.


Joy can heal and nourish you deeply while also lifting you up through your own creations. But it can only ever be present when you feel safe. If you don’t, safety has to be taken care of first. My mission is to reignite the joy that lives inside you (always has and always will be) and show you how to access and cultivate YOUR joy any time you want to ~ and totally independent from external influences.


From experience, I know that disconnection can cause depression which in turn can make feeling alone very real. Yet being alone is an illusion unless you believe that it’s not. I’ll help you see and feel this universal truth by overcoming the fear of the unknown, opening you up to your own joyful heart and reconnecting you with your true self. Are you ready and willing to stretch your limits and reach higher heights?

At least 50% of your health is influenced by how much joy you experience in your life. Let me show you how it can nourish and heal you like a balm and lift you up as you begin to create more of what you desire. As you rediscover your joy, mine multiplies.


My Story

I was born in Eastern Germany. I lived behind the Berlin Wall for nine years before everything opened up for me and my family. For most of the Eastern Germans it was a struggle to cope with this unexpected change. Suddenly there was no security, no set path for my life anymore – I had to figure it all out for myself.

When I finished school, I had difficulty in choosing a career path because of my many interests. Nothing out there really resonated with what I felt I wanted to do. So, following my skill of creating clarity and structure, I had a go at studying Computer Science. I learned that I don’t have to be like everyone else – studying in this old fashioned way just wasn’t for me. I then started an apprenticeship as a Tax Adviser being very good with numbers, but soon wasn’t getting on with that either. The Eastern German economy wasn’t great at the time and I found it hard to find a job to pay the bills. No excuses here, it was all part of my spiritual education…

“Laughter made me healthy – now I follow my joy.

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