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Wellness Consultation

  • Are you tied up in a physical rat race, do you feel exhausted, drained or without direction?
  • Have you got a health challenge you can’t seem to shift?
  • Are you eager to investigate the meaning of a physical symptom in order to release it?
  • Would you like to gain clarity about what your next steps towards a healthier you could look like?
  • Are you looking for inspiration to support your health where you can’t see the wood for the trees?
  • Or are you simply craving more energy, simplicity and joy of living?

Then my Wellness Consultation Session will be just right for you.

By way of ‘scanning’ your energy field I will look at your situation to answer your questions. Every physical symptom also has an energetic level which we often overlook in everyday life. Both levels influence each other immensely which is why energy work can be very potent and the key to far reaching change.

Together we will look at what is in the way of you living your highest potential, light up the darkness, track down your energetic blocks and transform them when you are ready. Often you will gain new and liberating insights which will lead to clarity and motivation for your next steps towards better health.

In addition I will provide you with practical tips and recommendations to apply at your leisure in your day-to-day life. We will pave the way for you to find a new direction and panache on your way to the best version of Yourself.

Each Wellness Consultation Session will be recorded and will be available as a download afterwards. Often you only hear what you are available for at the time. The recording will give you the opportunity to listen back in at a later time when you might be available to hear more. This way your session will keep on giving even in the future.

*For the very rare occasion of a technical issue, we do encourage you to also take a recording of your sessions on your end.


1 Wellness Consultation Session of approx. 50 minutes ~ £90

Wellness Consultation Package consisting of 3 sessions of approx. 50 minutes each ~ £225 (1/2 x free)

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