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You might have noticed that I recently altered my name on my website, in my communications and on all my Social Media channels. Why did I change my name – twice? Well, here’s the answer:

My intention is to show up in all of my glory. To do that I have enlisted the help of my Original Name, also called Creation Name. This name expresses all the gifts, skills and talents I carry. It represents the unique essence of my soul.

However, getting to know my Creation Name has been a bit of a journey for me. A six-months diversion of using a name that wasn’t my Original Name called me to trust my own intuition and follow the signs more closely. That name certainly did something for me but deep down something felt not quite right. The irony is laughable. 😉 So, this journey came with a warning to discern carefully where you get this information from as there are very few legitimate channels on earth! I’ll mention the most reliable source further below, so that you won’t have to go through the same scenario.

It’s very special to know your Creation Name. Often, when you first receive it, a lot of power and joy is released in you. You recognize your own energy and path more and more by tapping into the wisdom it holds ~ what is intended for you and what aligns with your abilities.

Since getting to know my real Creation Name I have lit up from the inside out. It holds a power and creates a magic that is hard to describe, you just have to experience it for yourself.

My Creation Name is Aurora. It means ‘Golden Angel’. My origin is the frequency of the Elohim which leads the structure in the universe. The human beings who are from this frequency bear a lot of responsibility and are very strong-willed ~ I can definitely confirm that! They send out healing energy with their light and help raise the frequency of the earth at this time. From an early age, I felt very at home with raising frequencies and healing others. I also have an affinity to attention to detail which is another trait of this frequency of origin.

However, my greatest surprise in all of this were my cosmic parents: Noah and Lumina.

I didn’t know that I even had cosmic parents! Cosmic parents love and support us from the time of our creation through all of our incarnations. They create each soul as light and give them their unique name, energies and skills. So, every person on earth carries the characteristic features of their cosmic parents, from which their inherent individual qualities, skills and abilities stem.

The attributes of Noah, my cosmic father, are equanimity, stamina and neutrality.

The attributes of Lumina, my cosmic mother, are the transmission of healing energy and raising energy.

Combined the qualities of Noah and Lumina comprise great healing power and the ability to hold light energies. In duality the human beings with these cosmic parents need a little time in order to recognise their path as they often doubt themselves – see above. 😉 But the further they expand and awaken, the stronger they feel the truth, often more intensely than others. They bear many different abilities within and are very truthful. Once they have made up their mind, they show great stamina. They often work as healers, or in artistic or musical professions. It’s not uncommon for these human beings to have worked as healers through many incarnations – I certainly know I have. 😊

When I learned about the meaning of my name, my origin and cosmic parents, I was delighted. It puts so many things in my life into perspective for me. It felt like a coming home of some sort. Everything makes so much more sense to me, now that another puzzle piece of my existence has been revealed to me. It’s magical which is why I needed to share it with you!



Here’s what I’ve learned since my Original Name or Creation Name came into my life:

The essence that you carry within you as bright light on earth is anchored in an energy field in the universe. The spiritual world calls this energy field origin. Your origin includes everything, your whole matrix as well as the task for which this particular energy field was created.

There are seven original frequencies: The frequency of the Angels, Elohim, Shekina, El’Shaddai, Quadril 5, Christ Energy and the Starseeds. Each frequency has a different intrinsic task.

At one time a piece separated from your original energy field in order to experience itself and to incarnate in various ways. That was the time of YOUR creation and this piece is the divine core that you carry within, which most of us refer to as soul. Each soul receives its name during its creation in the universe and has its very own frequency and correlating tasks. This name is unique and illustrates your personality, your characteristics and your divinity. Your soul is made up of vibrations, sounds and colours. These can be translated into the English 26-letter-system to a name that expresses your origin ~ your Original Name ~ which is derived from your unique frequency.

Due to the limitations of the alphabet, you might find another person with the same Original Name as you. One name can have many different meanings on earth. However, YOUR essence behind those letters exists only once. Your combination of vibrations, sounds and colours is always unique – YOU are unique!

The Creation Name is the unique sound and signature of your soul, so to speak ~ it contains within each of the letters your specific soul tasks and all the abilities that make up your light.

Your origin, that particular energy field in the universe, was created by your cosmic parents. Your cosmic parents carry specific attributes and pass these on to you through the process of creating your origin. It is similar to your earthly parents of whom you have inherited certain genes. In the same way you also receive parts and characteristics of your cosmic parents which will always play a role in your life’s mission in all your incarnations. This might be new to you in many respects. But the information that each human being has cosmic parents is beginning to spread more and more among humankind.

The Creation Name is not to be confused with what we call a Soul Name. Soul Names are very different in that they are names that you carry in this or other incarnations on earth, sometimes consciously chosen by you. If you use a Soul Name, you thereby attract back to you all that you have lived in the relevant incarnation in its entirety, including all the ups and the downs of that incarnation.

As the vibration of Lady Gaia keeps rising it will become more and more important to use your Original Name as it contains the frequency which decodes your DNA and makes you aware of your divine self, including the attributes your cosmic parents have bestowed on you. The more you associate with your Original Name, the more you can feel that original energy of YOUR creation, absorb the high vibration of it and integrate it into your life’s expression.

In short, when your light was created, your cosmic parents gave you an Original Name, your Creation Name. Your Creation Name contains all your skills and talents and if you choose to use it, many old energetic patterns will be released. The Creation Name is very powerful and helps you unfold, remember and shine your light authentically and brightly in this lifetime.

I am so very grateful for this epiphany!

Here’s the website where you can ask for your Original Name to be channelled for you if it calls you: https://www.kryonschool.com/original-name.html

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to dive deeper into knowing themselves. And if you are on the look-out for a gifted healer, look no further! 😉 You can check out my offers here.


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