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For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to Crystals and love to be surrounded by them. They are quiet, potent helpers in my everyday life, my work and my leisure. Whereas I didn’t know a lot about them at the beginning, I now know them to be my heartfelt friends whom I don’t want to miss any more. And why?

It’s no coincidence if you feel drawn to a particular crystal. It most certainly has the exact frequency that matches your own or the frequency of your current situation, and has qualities which are ready to support you here and now. Be it on a physical, mental or spiritual level – consciously or unconsciously.

Every crystal is a living being that has its destiny just like each of us. It finds its rightful ‘owner’ just in the right moment, exercises care when quietly applying its power and sends us messages if we only opened up to receive them. Distance makes no difference for them which is why they are perfectly suited as little talismans.

Crystals are objects of concentrated natural order. In their clarity they support us in getting our different areas of life in balance, focussing on our creations or grounding us. They can be programmed, too, which healers often make use of. Also, they are known to do good on the physical level when our bodies need an anchor in our chaotic day-to-day lives.

You can use crystals particularly well to energise your drinking water. Just put one or more (water resistant) crystals in a jug, fill the jug with water and let it sit over night or for at least twelve hours. During this time the crystals will work magic on your water by applying their ordering characteristics to it which in turn will work magic on your body when you drink it later. Once left for twelve hours, try to always leave a little bit of the water left in the jug before filling it back up. This way you won’t need to let it sit for hours as the remaining water will energise the newly added water much quicker.

I wear my favourite crystals (yes, there is more than one) when I leave the house. And even if I totally forget about them being with me during the day, they will do just the right thing to support me in the moment. They help me to open up to my creativity, shield me from negative energies or help me focus on an important job.

Thanking them for their services with a little attention and care feels natural to me as it is part of the exchange in our friendship. Crystals want to be cleansed regularly which can be done in different ways. The goal is to remove any energies that might hamper their vibrations. You can clean them under cold running water by visualising the water to take on any old or used energies (be careful, not all crystals like water, e.g. salt crystals, so check before using this method of cleaning) and dry them thoroughly afterwards, or you can hold them over an incense stick and let any old or used energies ‘end in smoke’. Crystals also like to be close to you or held in your hands, so they can connect with you. Often they will thank you for it by giving you visions or ideas, or they simply get your digestion going.

Other ways of cleaning your crystals are to:

  • put them on your windowsill over night where they can be touched by moonlight – this is particularly powerful at full moon and will not only cleanse your crystals, but also supercharge them with powerful full moon energy
  • hold them in your hand and imagine all negativity being washed away by your intention, then visualise white light surrounding them
  • bury them in a potted plant or place them on top of the soil – please note that crystals have been known to disappear in soil if you bury them (when their work for you is done they might do just that!) and this method should only be done with water resistent crystals
  • put them in a bowl and place it outside on the ground just before a storm, so that the water, thunder and lightning hitting the ground can send high vibrations to the bowl – make sure your crystals won’t be disturbed while being outside, again it’s for water resistent crystals only and don’t do this if the storm is accompanied by strong winds as it might blow your bowl and crystals all over the place and even damage them
  • place them in a bowl and cover them with sea salt, leave them there for at least 20 minutes and up to two days – make sure your crystals are dry before doing this and don’t use the salt in any other way afterwards, just throw it away
  • put them in a bowl and cover them with rice, leave them for at least one or two days – again discard the rice after using it this way
  • use a crystal geode, cathedral or cluster to get rid of unwanted energies in your crystals, make sure the crystal you are using is clean itself and place your crystals in or on top of the cleaning crystal for one or two days – note that the cleaning crystal should always be bigger than the crystal you wish to clean
  • use a tuning fork or other sound vibration and slowly move it around your crystals in a counterclockwise direction until it stops vibrating, repeat as many times as needed
  • hold a crystal or other type of pendulum above your crystals and let it move as it needs to, this will usually be a circular motion in one direction or up and down or left to right etc., once the pendulum changes it’s direction distinctly that’s the indication that your crystals are clean

In all cases your crystals should energetically feel lighter or cleaner. Trust your intuition here. If your crystal doesn’t feel clean yet, continue cleaning it with a different method until it does.

I love positioning some of my crystals right next to my bed because they are able to apply their harmonic properties even in my sleep. They help my body to transform or let go of energies during the night and they often give me wonderful dreams or dreams that have a particular message for me. I haven’t had any nightmares for many years and I am convinced that my crystal friends have a part in this.

In my Shamanic or Reiki Sessions, I often use crystals that have the colours of the chakras or are an energetic match to them. Sometimes, a crystal lets me know in advance if it wants to be part of a session – they then simply don’t get out of my mind. Before each session each of the crystals that presented themselves in this way or that I have intuitively chosen will be cleansed, so that they can do their jobs in their most potent state. They are also cleansed directly after each session to free them of any used or negative energies they accumulated. A lot of the time I get a nudge from the essence of a crystal during a session. Knowing that this crystal will benefit the person I am seeing, I will then pass the message on.

Try asking your intuition which crystal will serve you well in this moment and trust that the answer will present itself. It might be a bit easier to actually go into a crystal shop to have a look around. The crystal that will serve you most will look a bit brighter than all the others or it will call to you by seeking your attention and remaining in your mind. In most cases you will find that the ‘little’ helper chosen in this way has exactly the properties that are very supportive for you at this time. If you can remember the name of your crystal you will also be able to find out more about its meaning and characteristics on the internet – and may be astonished about your most appropriate choice! Once you have found your crystal, make sure to clean it with one of the methods listed above before relying on its help, so it’s pure and ready to tune into your energy.

If you would like to read more about specific crystals and their properties, you will find ‘The little Crystal One-by-One’ in my Treasure Chest soon. For now, I have left an instruction on how to program a crystal there. You can check it out here and make sure to check back in soon for more.

Do you feel drawn to crystals or do you already use them regularly? Would you like to share your experiences with them? Have you got a favourite crystal?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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